Ground control points

Geo-N-able undertakes establishment of highly accurate ground control points (GCPs) using survey grade Global Navigation System (GNSS) receivers for various applications such as aerial surveys, topographic surveys, DEM generation and ortho-rectification using satellite images etc.

3D Terrain Modelling

Geo-N-able produces clear 3D digital terrain views of almost any location from high resolution stereo satellite imagery, UAV stereo imagery or laser point clouds. We have the capability to produce the elevation data necessary to generate realistic and detailed perspectives for any of your project needs.

Geo-N-ablecan also provide customers with <1m - 5m DSMs, DEMs, DTMs and a detailed, orthorectified stereo satellite image mosaic at <1m resolution in any area of the country to project planners, operation managers, and logistics managers to plan field operations in a computer environment, ensuring that the best access is provided and project objectives are achieved.

GIS Mapping Services

Geo-N-able can combine orthorectified satellite imagery with extracted vector data and client-supplied geospatial data to create single, geographic informations systems (GIS), and data rich maps for various industry applications including agriculture, disaster management, energy and environmental monitoring.

By utilizing satellite remote sensing techniques including object based segmantation, automated extraction of objects detected on satellite imagery can expedite the work and reduce the cost of the use of ground based measurement techniques.

Image Processing Services

Geo-N-able specializes in satellite image processing, producing seamless orthorectified imaging mosaics, DEMs (Digital Elevation Models) and 3D Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) for many industries using CAD and GIS applications utilizing high, medium resolution mono and stereo satellite image data.

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